The Prisma War

Session 2-3

Noteworthy Happenings

  • Dave gets orders to arrest a mage.
  • Jared gets 200g for cashing out a previous quest
  • Alrin Firekeln gets run out of the east district after spiking the head of The Smuggler
  • The party investigated the whereabouts of the rogue red wizard.
  • The party was attacked by The Smuggler’s bandits while looking for the rogue wizard.
  • The party was sent to The Spire by the mother of the rogue wizard.
  • The Spire told the team he was excommunicated from The Order and evaded capture.
  • The rogue wizard was spotted leaving south out of town into Everglow Forest
  • The party killed a big ass bear.
  • The party landed in the Everglow Outpost
  • The leader of the outpost told the party not to use too many resources as their supply is late.
  • Jared disguised himself as an Everglow Ranger and purchased a standard issue prisma musket (1d12, 1 action reload)
  • The party learned about a rogue wizard contracting mages for the war. They are south of the fork toward the prisma highlands.

Experience gains

Alrin Firekeln gains 90 for new trade agreement
All party members: 112 exp for bandits
All party members: 143 for bear
All party members: 100 exp for adventure

Downtime days
All party members received 20 downtime days (double session)


Trentirl Trentirl

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